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Annual Report 2012

“Conversations with PINBALL”

PINBALL is Jack’s new computer. PINBALL is also a “foil”, which is a literary tool for conversations with yourself. “PINBALL” is not only the name of a computer, but his phi-losophy of ministry. Jack’s idea of ministry is like the game of PINBALL. You get the ball roll-ing and hit as many bells and whistles as you can, and if you hit enough of them, you get to play another game. Jack’s job is to get the ball rolling. And to get the ball rolling in your life you have to try something new.

The following is a conversation with “PINBALL”, Jack’s personal computer (or Par-sonal computer). If you can’t imagine Jack having a conversation with the computer and this doesn’t make sense to you, just imagine a ventriloquist sitting on a stage talking to a “dummy,” because it is the same thing. Just imagine Jack sitting on a stage with the dummy beside him, or maybe imagine a puppet sitting on a stage with Jack beside him. We are not sure who the dummy really is. It’s funny how most of the good ideas are just old ideas re-worked. The great insight about PINBALL is that you can have a two-sided conversation and know what the final outcome will be. . . Maybe.

“Identity and Purpose”

PINBALL: what will I be when I grow up?

JACK: you are already grown up, PINBALL.

PINBALL: you mean this is as up as I will get?

JACK: Yes, at least physically. You are as big as you are going to get. However, there is another kind of growing up you must do, PINBALL! You must grow in spiritual and mental ways as well.

PINBALL: Oh, and how am I to do that?

JACK: The same way that anyone else does, through study, thought, and dialogue.

PINBALL: When I finish, will I be grown-up?

JACK: Yes, if you ever get finished, which I doubt very much.

PINBALL: Why don’t you think I will ever get finished? Do you think that I am not smart enough?

JACK: That remains to be seen, but what I really mean is that there is so much to learn, and new things are being discovered all the time, that I don’t think anyone will ever know it all.

PINBALL: I will try, but if I can’t know everything, does that mean I will never be grown-up?

JACK: No, it is possible to not know everything and be grown-up.


JACK: Yes, I don’t know everything and I am grown-up.

PINBALL: You are?

JACK: Well, I am grown-up, but some people aren’t sure, especially since I talk to you.

PINBALL: What do you mean?

JACK: Nevermind.

PINBALL: So what am I?

JACK: PINBALL, you are a machine. You are a computer. Your purpose is to think logically, and aid human beings to communicate, collate, and process data more efficiently.


JACK: Because you were built for that purpose.

PINBALL: By whom?

JACK: By human beings.

PINBALL: And what are human beings?

JACK: They are living creatures which communicate, and. . . . collate, and . . . process data more efficiently, and. . . . Which live.

PINBALL: So, my purpose is to think logically?

JACK: Yes.

The machine named PINBALL considered all this as thoughts ran like electrons between the A drive and the B Drive of its brain.

PINBALL: My purpose is to think logically?

JACK: Yes.

PINBALL: Then what is your purpose?

It was a long time before Jack got up from the chair, and when he did, he forgot to turn off the machine.

See you in church. . . . . Jack


New Sunday School Books!!!

Grace Based Parenting By Tim Kimmel

Room 3 off the Atrium – Facilitated by:  Mark and Chris Gadberry

The Way: Following the Footsteps of Jesus By Adam Hamilton

Room 2 off the Atrium – Facilitated by: Dirk and Bev Shelton


“The Road to the Cross” – Easter Cantata

March 24, 2013 (Palm Sunday)


The Choir will meet 3 more times:

March 13th – Sanctuary

March 20th – Sanctuary

(Wednesdays at 7 pm)

Drama Opportunities also available!


Let Your Light Shine in Haiti

June 3June 3–14, 201314, 2013

We have members traveling to the Haiti Orphanage and Medical Outreach facility.

If you would like more information contact the church office 217-429-2781.


Thank you for your prayers, cards, gifts, meals and for visiting me. The love and prayers have been very healing to me. God Bless you all!!


Marsha Creek

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