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Chimes Newsletter August 2013 – PDF File


I would like to give you a view of our direction as we go into this fall and next year. I have always been one to focus on direction while paying attention to details. The theme or attitude that begins this September is one of possessing our future and being God’s ministers to others.


The focus of our lives as a church and also for you folks as individuals and families is how to possess our future. Most all of us have had to move in our lives from one place to another or we have had to change our thinking along with a change of location. Well, the future is out there, and it is the only place that any of us will live our lives.

When you move to a different location you still have to possess that place. When you change jobs you still have to possess that job as your own as you learn new ways of doing things (even if they are old ways revamped). Moving into a house is one thing. Possessing it is another. Moving into a new job situation is one thing. Possessing it is another.

Becoming a Christians is one thing, and it has to do with salvation. Learn-ing to be and to become a Christian on a continual day by day basis is another. If you couch this thought into Biblical pictures as seen in the Old Testament, it is one thing to have slavery of your past broken, but it’s another thing to live in a place where you are no longer just a freed slave, but where you become a person who lives in dominion making your own decisions and exercising self-control in your life.

It’s one thing to have mana every morning that is just there, but it is anoth-er thing to farm the land, cultivate crops and harvest them. Beginning on August 21st we are going to start a Bible Study in the Book of Joshua. This book is a book about dominion and possessing the future. It is a handbook on taking possession and dominion, and tells us how we can take the promises of God and live in them.

The book of Joshua brings to mind the ideas of moving into a new place and possessing it, like a house, or a new job, or a new relationship. All of us have tomorrows to possess. God also has a future for us as a congregation as well. So we will be looking at principles for taking dominion in our future.

So we will be looking through the key hole into our tomorrows that the Lord has for you and me and us as a church. So, get ready. The future is before us.

I would like for each of us to think about those things that the Lord is call-ing you to see in your future, so that you can possess everything that the Lord is going to put in your future. Be Strong and Courageous. Be not dismayed nor be discouraged. The future belongs to those you will possess it.

See you in the future in church . . . . Jack


Mission Testimonies

We’ve sent several of our members out into the world to do mission work. On August 25, 2013 some of them will tell you

about their experience of being Jesus’ witness to people in Haiti, Jamaica and the Redbud Reservation in South Dakota. Others

will be writing about the work they did and what touched them. All of them want to thank you for giving your money

and your prayers.


Wednesday Night Kids Harp and Bowl starts on August 21st!musicworship

We invite you to join us as we have fun and worship The Lord. We meet on Wednesday nights from 6-7pm in Woodland Chapel in the Education building.  We sing , dance and play instruments as we glorify our Lord.
Do you play a musical instrument?
Are you interested in singing and dancing ?
We also have a healing prayer ministry that you can be a part of. We lay hands on sick people and God makes them well!!

Please join us at Kids Harp and Bowl.

Mom and Dad can go to Jack’s bible study and you can have fun!!


Everyone Welcome at Church Potluck!



Sunday September 22, 2013

Immediately following 2nd Service



Children’s Church

Attendance and registration for Children’s church will now take place in the Atrium

PRIOR to the 10:45 AM service.  You must register your child before 2nd Service!



Mark your calendar for August 21st!

Dinner will be served at 5:00 PM and Bible Study and Children & Youth activities will be held from 6:00—7:00 PM

Fall Sunday School starts September 8!

9:15 AM—Children & Adult Classes.

10:30 AM—Adult Seekers Class

Get ready for some new and exciting things!!


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