Chimes Newsletter – January 29, 2014

Chimes Newsletter – January 29 2014 – PDF File


I have been writing newsletters for 40 years. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads them. So, I will just give you something to think about – that is, if you are out there and actually pick this up and read it. Consider this:

Ten Funny Things That Happen to Your Body When You Get Old!





5. “Memory Loss”






You fill in the blanks. The older you are, the more your list will grow. In my top ten list is “I can’t remember people’s names like I used to. Some of you know I serve on a lot of Great Banquets and one of the things that I do, is that I try to memorize every-one’s name.

The reason I do this, is because our names are who we are – a person’s name rep-resents a person’s life. I can’t do it like I used to. Memory loss is one of those “funny things” that happens with age.

I notice that I am less able to retain people’s names. I don’t know if it’s due to stress, exhaustion, age or an extra-terrestrial parasite devouring parts of my brain, but I am definitely losing the battle. I’ve tried and mostly failed at mnemonic devices, but oc-casionally it works. Like this fall, when there was a gal on the weekend whose name is Noelle Bowman. (Hi! Noelle – I pray that this is not taking your name in vain!) Well, the “hangar” I used to remember her name is “Christmas Archer”. I got a handle to remem-ber her name. The only problem is, sometimes I can’t remember the face to go with the name. (Right now, Noelle, I can still see you with my mind’s eye.)

Another aspect of my retention dysfunction happens when I am introduced to someone (like after church when I speak to a 100 or so people). I seem to “black out” while the person’s name is announced. I sometime feign hearing loss, which by the way may also be making the top ten list (see above). That seems less embarrassing than admit-ting to temporary unconsciousness.

I also worry a lot that people who greet me will think I’m being rude or dis-missive when my best response to my lack of memory is “Hey man” or “How you doin’?” I think that this is why when people really get old they stay at home a lot.

It can be frightening to be this befuddled.

Which is why I’d like to propose a simple solution for the sheep who call me shepherd. When you see me, point to your head and say your name over and over again. And then, when we next me and I say, “Hey! Good to see ya!”, repeat the process. Or consider wearing a name tag.

Which brings me to this: PETITION FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE IN THE CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE! We, the undersigned “children” of God, disagree with the fundamental conditions of existence, including, but not limited to, hunger, sickness, death, emotional and physical change, fundamental flaws in the design of the human body, like having to get up at night and go to the bathroom, and other things we can’t mention here.

By affixing our names to this petition we announce our dissatisfaction to whoever or whatever designed the “vessels” we now reside in and demand some immediate changes.

P.S. But we also give thanks for the many blessings as well.

What do you think church?

See you in church . . . . .. Jack


sozo“Sozo” is a Greek word which is used in the
New Testament 110 times and means “to save or
to make well or whole.” Bethel Sozo is a prayer
ministry which has been developed at Bethel
Church in Redding, CA, and focuses on Salvation
and Healing. A group of Lampstanders were
trained in Sozo this fall and are now equipped to
offer this healing prayer ministry to this Body of
If you are interested in scheduling a Sozo
session, please call the office to obtain the scheduling


childconfMarch15, 2014
Save the date! There will be
worship, prophetic art, and
“The seed is the word of God”
Luke 8:11


Confirmation Class
Beginning March 2, 2014
The class will meet each Sunday for 11 weeks. Confirmation will be held on Easter Sunday.


Decatur Correctional Center Great Banquet #6—March 20-23
Men’s Lost Bridge Great Banquet #85—March 27-30
Taylorville Correctional Center Great Banquet #5—April 4-6
Women’s Lost Bridge Great Banquet #86—April 10-13
Women’s Lost Bridge Great Banquet #87—April 24-27
Boy’s Awakening #21—June 6-8
Girl’s Awakening #22—June 13-15
Applications are available for #85, 86, 87 and the Awakenings on line
at or in the Atrium.

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