Chimes – Newsletter Nov. 22, 2013

Chimes Newsletter November 22, 2013 – PDF File

2014 Budget Reflections

You have enclosed with this newsletter a proposed budget for 2014 that the elders and deacons worked on during a joint meeting in November. It shows the last two years as well as the 2014 proposed budget. This budget is about 2% less than last year’s budget. The year has been one of increased attendance, but a decrease in our giving. This budget attempts to address the decrease in giving as well as maintaining the infrastructure for continued ministry at the levels we have been at for the past few years since our move to this facility.

There are a couple of items that need to be explained in the budget. Under the finance operations is an $88,000 loan payment. We hope that we will not have to pay that out of our operating budget. This depends on how much we actually give to the capital building fund. If we continue to give to paying off the loan through our giving to the capital commitments, we won’t have to use operating budget money to pay on the loan.

So far in 2013 we have had to use about $9000 from our operating budget to make the loan payment. We hope that this will not be a continuing action, so that we won’t have to cut into “muscle” to pay for the building loan. You have enclosed with this newsletter a commitment card for the building fund for this coming year, which we would like for you to bring to church or mail it. We have finished our previous 3 year pledge for the building fund, and we need your help for this coming year. A great number of you have joined in the past three years and may not know about the building fund needs.

Your giving to the capital fund is as important as the operating budget. Our giving mat-ters in all areas of our life, whether we are speaking of the capital fund (which addresses our building loan) or our operating budget which allows us to continue with excellence in our wor-ship and work that God gives us to do. Our hope and prayer is that we will be able to pay our loan payment from capital fund giving each month from capital fund giving and not general fund giving. ($7400)

There will be a CONGREGATIONAL MEETING ON DECEMBER 1ST AT 10:25 am between the two worship services to vote on this proposed budget. At the same time we will also vote on the recommendations of the nominating committee for elders and deacons for the next three years. (They are listed below.) We will also elect three people at large to serve on the Nomi-nating committee for 2014.

Also enclosed with this newsletter is our faith-promise pamphlet and a card for the build-ing fund (which is included in the Chimes). We do not make pledges to the church with our names attached for the general fund. This faith promise is more for you than the church, alt-hough turning it in to the church is helpful as we proceed in leading the church. It gives you a chance to really consider your giving and commitment not only to the church, but to God in terms of your personal stewardship.

We hope that we all use it to consider where we are in our commitment to God and what we trust Him for in terms of our future. Please mail it, or place it in the offering plate over the next couple of weeks.

Our future as a church is in God’s hands, as well as ours. Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Our giving matters, but our stewardship and life as as church is under His grace. We should never forget that truth. Also we need to be good stewards of our mission, which is, “TO KNOW JESUS AS SAVIOR AND LORD AND MAKE HIM KNOWN.”

May we be good stewards of our gifts. May we truly serve the Lord Jesus in the ministries that He has entrusted to us.

The officers (elders and deacons) and staff humbly submit this budget for your consideration.



November 20 & 27 – NO Bible Study

November 27— Children’s Play Practice

December 8 – Children’s Christmas Program – 9:15 &


December 8 – Santa’s Luncheon (Youth Fundraiser)

December 15 – Adult Christmas Program – 9:15 & 10:45

December 18 & 25 – NO Bible Study

December 24 – Christmas Eve Service (with communion)

January 24-25 – Women’s Retreat – “Being Christ’s Bride”

Save this date!


Reach out into our

Community by helping with the FOOD BASKETS for Hands of Jesus Christmas

Party The Outreach Committee is sponsoring Food Baskets for families served by the Hands of Jesus Ministry. These baskets will be given to needy families in our community at the annual Christmas Party on December 7. This is a great project for a Sunday School class, family or reunion group.

If you would like to help this worthy cause, please take a basket (next to the small Christmas tree in the atrium) and fill it with non-perishables and bring it back to the church by December 4. Outreach will make sure the baskets are delivered to the party.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the party on December 7 please call the church office 217-428-8839 as soon as possible. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

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