Greetings from Australia!

rachelbyersGreetings from Australia,  [From Rachel Byers Missionary]

This past week we went on a team building adventure where we just got to know our team a little bitter. There were lectures in which they talked about how to act when you’re doing ministry and how to work well within the team. We’ve been learning a lot about how to talk to each other and how to express our ideas. I personally have been learning to trust God with everything, because everything is stressful when you are staffing. The outreach to Japan and the Philippines is being planned by me and another staff named Krista. We will be leading a team of 6 other people together, so 8 people total.

You may follow my ministry journey on my blog at: I am asking for your prayers and financial support as I serve in this mission field. As of right now, I am still in need of about $550 a month and $2000 dollars next week. The extra $2000 is for the outreach in the Philippines and Japan. If you would like to support this ministry financially, please contact Sheryl Wood at the church 217-428-8839. If you go through Lampstand Church, your contribution will be tax deductible. If 50 people gave $10 that would make $500, and every little bit counts. Thank you for your continued support.

– Rachel Byers

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