Lampstand 101

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God has placed Lampstand Church in this particular community at this particular time for a specific reason and purpose—To know Jesus as Savior and Lord and to make Him known Lampstand 101 gives us a time and a place to explore our identity together.   In six thought-provoking and intensive sessions we will also learn about our own personal identities (our worldview from the Issues of Life Study…our personality from the “Colors” test…our love language from Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages book/quiz), and how we can function as disciples of Jesus Christ in this Body.

When:    TBA January 2017lampstand_101_pennant_v2

Where:    Conference Room, Education Building

Who:       Anyone who wants to learn more about

God and Lampstand…excellent for those

new to the church.

Audio Files

Lampstand Messages:

Our Identity In The Future / What’s In A Name
When God Changes Your Name / Are You Wrestling With Man Or God?

Issues Of Life:

Issues Of Life (Summary) – video

01. Functional Theology
02. World 1: Separation and Reunion
03. World 2: Conflict and Vindication
04. World 3: Emptiness and Fulfillment
05. World 4: Condemnation and Forgiveness
06. World 5: Suffering and Endurance
07. Dark Side – Catch All
08. World 1: Scripture & Jesus
09. World 2: Scripture & Jesus
10. World 3: Scripture & Jesus
11. World 4: Scripture & Jesus
12. World 5: Scripture & Jesus
13. Functional Theology Conclusion


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