The Chimes – January 5, 2013

PDF File – Chimes Newsletter – 1-5-2013

Dead or Alive? 

Do you think that your minister sits around waiting for Sunday to return (the relent-less return of the Sabbath), so that he will have something to do and say once again during the only day he works. Well, I have been thinking and the “sound of those thoughts” are what you are reading right now. I have been thinking about the life of churches, and our church in particular. What are the signs of vitality in a church. Are we “live” or are we “Memorex”? So, I have come up with a few signs of a living, breathing, church.

Live churches have space problems – parking, classrooms, etc. (we had to move in 2009). Dead churches have no worry about space.

Live churches are always changing things; dead churches don’t have to – they just stay the same.

Live churches have noisy children and young people; dead churches are fairly quiet and serene.

Live churches have a shortage of staff; dead churches usually have a surplus.

Live churches are always over spending their budgets; dead churches maintain large bank accounts.

Live churches struggle to remember new names and faces; dead churches – everybody knows everybody – for years.

Live churches are constantly in need of developing new leaders; dead churches don’t – they just use the same ones over and over.

Live churches spend much on “missions.”; dead churches keep it “in house.”

Live churches are filled with givers; dead churches are filled with tippers.

Live churches operate primarily on Faith; dead churches operate totally on Sight.

Live churches strain to learn and serve; dead churches seek rest and comfort.

Live churches evangelize; dead churches Fossilize!

See you in church………..Jack


TRUST GOD??? TRUST GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


2013 Women’s Retreat is all day February 23, 2013!!

8:30 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Worship

9:30 Trusting God for the rest of the day!!

Noon Lunch

1 p.m. Trusting God for the rest of the day!!

5-6 p.m. Leave trusting God with the rest of our lives!!!

COST: $20 (Scholarships available for anyone who cannot afford to pay. )

Contact Berta Pitzer (428-8839) with questions about the weekend or scholar-ships



We at the Pitzer house-hold thank you for the generous gifts during this past Christmas season. We give thanks for you and pray that your 2013 will be a time of prosperity and health. God bless all of you.

Jack and Berta




Thank you!!

From Sheryl, Marsha & Lori!

Thanks to each of one of you who blessed us with gifts of love this Christmas!




The Great Banquet Newsletter will ONLY be mailed out 2 more times in 2013!!!

You will then go online to and find a current newsletter under the Ministry tab or you can subscribe to receive the news-letter by email.

If you have questions, please call the church office at: 217-428-8839


We WILL have dinner and worship on January 23 and 30!!

January 23rd—Praise and Healing Service


Loan Balance as of end of December 2012 $1,109,128.97

Capital Fund Contribution $109,941.10 Dec2012

Expenses through Dec 2012 $120,000.00 ($67,648.66 Interest $52,351.34 Principal)

Capital Fund Checking Account End of Dec 2012 $36,046.21

Giving thru Dec 2012 $496,856.27

Expenses through Dec 2012 $480,793.41


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