The Chimes – November 20, 2012

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You have enclosed with this newsletter a proposed budget for 2013 that the elders and deacons worked on during a joint meeting in November. It shows the last two years as well as the 2013 proposed budget. The first three years in this location, as we transitioned from Woodland Chapel to here, we were able to keep our budget with- in 0% to 1% change for 2009-2011. Last year we had a 4% increase. This year we have a 6% increase which includes a new “tech” position to manage all of our “modern con- traptions.”

We felt that a person who could deal with all the multi-faceted aspects of our computer, sound and video technology was sorely needed to help us deal with all the volunteer use of our equipment. We have been increasingly encountering “gremlins” in the electronic gadgets. So, with that new position, our budget went up to deal with 21st century technology.

There are a couple of items that need to be explained in the budget. Under the finance operations is an $88,000 loan payment. We hope that we will not have to pay that out of our operating budget. This depends on how much we actually give to the capital building fund. If we continue to give to paying off the loan through our giving to the capital commitments, we won’t have to use operating budget money to pay on the loan. So far in 2012 we have not had to take money from our operating budget to pay on the loan.

Our capital giving has allowed us this year to raise our payment to $10,000 for the whole year without reaching “into our other pocket” and borrowing from our oper- ating funds. We have done well, because we also put in a new boiler system, which we payed for with special giving.

Our hope and prayer is that we will be able to pay at least $120,000 this year on the loan ($10,000/month). Your giving to the capital fund is as important as the oper- ating budget. Our giving matters in all areas of our life, whether we are speaking of the capital fund (which addresses our building loan) or our operating budget which allows us to continue with excellence our worship and work that God gives us to do.

There will be a CONGREATIONAL MEETING ON DECEMBER 2ND AT 10:25 AM between the two worship services to vote on this proposed budget. At the same time we will also vote on the recommendations of the nominating committee for elders and deacons for the next three years. (They are listed below). We will also elect 3 people at large to serve on the Nominating committee for 2013.

Also enclosed with this newsletter is our faith-promise pamphlet. We do not make pledges to the church with our names attached. This faith-promise is more for you than the church, although turning it in to the church is helpful as we proceed in leading the church. It gives you a chance to really consider your

giving and your commitment not only to the church, but to God in terms of your personal stewardship. We hope that we all use it to consider where we are in our commitment to God and what we trust Him for in terms of our future. Please mail it, or place it in the offering plate over the next couple of weeks.

Our future as a church is in God’s hands. Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Our giving matters, but our stewardship and life as a church is under His grace. We should never forget that truth. Also, we need to be good stewards of our mission, which is,


May we be good stewards of our gifts. May we truly serve the Lord Jesus in the ministries that He has entrusted to us.

The officers ( elders and deacons) and staff humbly submit this budget for your consideration.


December 2, 2012 – 10:25 AM

For the purpose of:

Adopting a budget for 2013, election of Officers and 3 at large mem- bers for the 2013 Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee met to discuss officers for the Class of 2015 and the vacancy in the Class of 2013. Committee members are Donna Whitsett, Patrick Corrigan, Matt Dyer, Bob Hauskins, Joyce Smittkamp and Jim Yagen – Chair.

The following candidates agreed to serve if confirmed by the congregation:

2015 Elders: Cory Crafton, Bob Hauskins, Bob Walker,

Pat Penhallegon

2015 Deacons: Jeff Byers, Jeff Shively, Phil Ozier, Chuck Lines

In addition, Tammy Laughery agreed to serve as a Deacon in the vacancy left by Shane Mendenhall Class of 2013, if confirmed by the congregation.

Respectfully Submitted, Jim Yagen, Chair


Christmas Cantata Rehearsal Practice for “God Speaking”

Wed. November 28—7:00 PM Play Practice 8:00 PM

Wed. December 5—7:00 PM Play Practice 8:00 PM

Wed. December 12—7:00 Dress Rehearsal for Musical Sunday December 16—Sing at both services, “God Speaking”



The Great Banquet is a major part of the ministry of Lampstand Church. We will soon be taking the parable of Luke 14: 15-24 into Jamaica and Ft Myers, Florida. If you feel led to contribute to this ministry, please put it in one of white offering envelopes, mark it Jamaica and place it in the regular offering plate.

Thank You

Thanks to all for the prayers, concerns, kind words and deli- cious meals you provided for Doug and me during my sur- gery and recovery. You are truly the hands and feet of Jesus. May God continue to bless you as you have blessed me with all you do. Love to all. Norma Davidson

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