New to Lampstand

Jack Pitzer

Dear Friends,

To all who come to this church, our purpose or mission is, “To know Jesus as Savior and Lord and to make Him known.” If anyone ever asks you what this church is about, tell them that our purpose, our life as a church, is all focused around “knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord and making Him known” to those we touch individually and as a church.

We have a goal. We have a mission. We also have a measuring tool in our church. We measure all activities from worship to luncheons according to our basic purpose. We can ask this question of everything we do. “Does this program helps us to know Jesus better or does it help us to make Him known to others?”

This gives us the ability to establish the reality of church in life. We are the Body of Christ. Jesus is the Head. That’s what we believe. What we are about is becoming what we say we believe. When you see us, remember that you are looking at the Body of Christ that gathers in our church building.

We are a working body and a loving fellowship in Jesus’ name. The church is people, not a building. It is our continuing goal to be a living church that shows God’s love to each and everyone—member and visitor. What the world is dying to see is a living example of the power of God resting on people. May we be that living example of the Body of Christ Jesus.

See you sometime in church…

Pastor Jack Pitzer


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